Willeri Dental, 6/2 Madeira Road Parkwood, WA 6147


About Willeri Dental in Parkwood

Balanced, Trustworthy Preventive Care

One of the primary goals of our care approach is to empower patients with the knowledge that they need to make their own decisions about their treatment. Using a preventive approach, we will recommend smaller, less-invasive treatments. Our patients appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Dr Chopra on their care plan and keep their smiles healthy.

Perfect Timing for Every Schedule

By offering flexible appointment times including evenings and weekends, Willeri Dental is able to accommodate the needs of even our busiest patients.

Conveniently located near the Stockland Riverton Shopping Center, our appointments are easy to work in with everyday shopping errands.

How is Our Parkwood Practice Different?

  • Friendly, personable doctor and staff
  • A family-friendly atmosphere
  • Patient-doctor treatment co-planning
  • Flexible scheduling

Building Relationships

Getting to know you on a personal level allows us to offer more personalized care. Willeri Dental focuses on enlightening you with the information that you need to keep your smile healthy between dental visits. If there are treatment needs, your priorities and goals come first when determining what the treatment options are. Then we provide the highest quality of care possible and stand behind it!

30 minute complementary consultation - A chat to address any concerns and questions you may have (No x-rays or work will be conducted during this consultation)



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