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We Accept All Health Funds at Willeri Dental Parkwood

At Willeri Dental Parkwood, we accept all health funds, making dental care accessible for everyone. Flexible payment options facilitate stress-free visits for our patients.
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Supercare Dental Services DVA Card Holders Fund My Dental HBF Preferred Provider child-dental-benefits-schedule

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Willeri Dental Parkwood

Our goal is to provide a high level of patient satisfaction by combining comfort with quality dental care. Discover why patients trust us for their oral health needs.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

We strive to create a comfortable and relaxing environment in our dental clinic while upholding high standards of care. Enjoy a stress-free experience where your dental health is prioritised.

We Provide Patient-centred Care

We prioritise our patients' needs. We listen to their concerns and present available treatment options they can choose from.

We Are Equipped With Advanced Dental Technology

Our team is committed to staying up-to-date on advancements in dental technology. This dedication allows us to offer innovative and comprehensive treatment options to improve patient care.

How We Can Help

Personalised Approaches to Your Dental Concerns

Understanding that each smile is unique, we are dedicated to offering personalised care for diverse dental needs and enhancing oral health and self-confidence.

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I Have Missing Teeth

Unhappy With My Dentures

My Teeth Are Stained or Discolored

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Willeri Dental Clinic

Willeri Dental Parkwood

Providing Community-Oriented Support and Care Since 1999

Since opening its doors in 1999, Willeri Dental Parkwood has dedicated itself to serving the dental health needs of the Shelley community. The clinic is a trusted partner for families, providing comprehensive dental care with professionalism and understanding.

The clinic actively participates in charity work, including significant donations to the Make-A-Wish® Foundation and cancer research. Willeri Dental Parkwood demonstrates its commitment to community welfare and support through free dental days and volunteer services.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life

Browse Our Wide Selection of Services

At Willeri Dental Parkwood, we’re proud to offer a broad array of dental services. These are designed to support your oral health and brighten your smile.

Meet Our Team

Your Partners in Achieving a Brighter, Healthier Smile

Our dedicated team combines skills and compassion, guiding your journey to improved oral health and self-confidence. Together, we’ll help you achieve your brightest, healthiest smile.

Caring for Smiles

A Unique Blend of Modern Dentistry And Compassionate Care

At Willeri Dental Parkwood, advanced dental technology and compassionate care come together to provide precise and effective treatments. Our clinic prioritises a welcoming and safe environment where the well-being of our patients is at the forefront of everything we do.

Each personalised treatment plan at Willeri Dental Parkwood addresses our patients’ unique needs and goals. We aim to educate patients, help them make informed decisions about their dental health, and empower them to maintain healthy smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Dental Queries

Maintaining oral health is essential, and regular visits to the dentist play a pivotal role. While a common recommendation is to see your dentist every six months, individual needs may vary.

  • Routine visits:
    For most, a visit every six months is advisable.
    These regular check-ups allow your dentist in Shelley to check for signs of dental diseases such as tooth decay or gum disease. Some patients also schedule their dental cleaning during these check-ups to remove plaque and tartar that daily brushing and flossing cannot reach.

The frequency of dental visits can depend on your unique oral health situation:

  • More frequent visits:
    Individuals with certain oral health conditions, like gum disease, may need to see their dentist more often for optimal care.
  • Less frequent visits:
    Those with good oral health and low-risk factors for dental diseases may require less frequent dentist appointments.

Consult with your dentist in Shelley to determine how often you should visit. They can recommend a schedule specific to your oral health needs to keep your smile healthy.

When you start your oral health journey with us at Willeri Dental, you will receive quality care from our amazing team.

  1. Before your appointment:
    Download and complete the new patient
    form from home to streamline your visit.
  2. Your arrival:
    A warm, friendly environment awaits you, where our dental team is eager to listen and address your
    oral health issues and goals.
  3. The consultation:
    We will look into your oral health habits and history to tailor our approach to your needs.
  4. Detailed assessments:
    • Oral cancer screening:
      We examine your face, neck, lips, and the inside of your mouth for signs of oral cancer. This is a careful visual and physical check to spot any unusual
    • Jaw joint examination:
      Your jaw joints are assessed for
      pain, clicking or abnormal movements. This involves gentle palpation and the observation of jaw movements.
    • Teeth examination:
      During a dental examination, we inspect each tooth for decay, assess the status of dental fillings, and look for any indications of deterioration or infection. A mirror and explorer are used during this inspection.
    • Digital radiographs:
      These images give us a closer look at what’s happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. It’s a quick process with minimal discomfort.
    • Professional gum assessment:
      We evaluate the health of your gums
      and underlying bones, which are essential for supporting your teeth. This includes measuring the depth of the spaces between your gums and teeth with a dental probe.
    • Clinical photographs:
      These may be taken to provide a comprehensive view of your oral health. It’s a quick, non-invasive process involving a series of photos of your teeth and smile.
  5. Planning your care:
    With a complete picture of your oral health, we discuss findings and suggest a custom
    treatment plan.
  6. Looking ahead:
    We aim to equip you with knowledge between visits and prioritise your preferences in any treatment planning, all while utilising modern technology.

At Willeri Dental, we focus on preventive measures and necessary treatments to keep your smile healthy. We offer routine check-ups and address specific concerns, such as bad breath and broken, knocked-out, or misaligned teeth.

When immediate dental attention is needed, our practice stands ready to assist. We welcome same-day appointments for patients with urgent concerns and provide timely care and attention.

Accepting same-day appointments:

  • We understand the urgency of dental emergencies. That’s why we offer same-day appointments for these sudden, unexpected needs.
  • Simply contact us, and we’ll prioritise your situation. We’ll arrange to see you as quickly as possible despite our busy schedule.

During your same-day emergency appointment:

  • Our dedicated dental team will welcome you upon arrival and promptly assess your needs.
  • Common emergencies like tooth decay, broken teeth, or knocked-out teeth are addressed with attention and care.
  • Our dental professionals will conduct a thorough examination to understand the immediate concern. They use modern techniques to make your visit as comfortable as possible.
  • Following the initial dental care treatment,  we will discuss the next steps. This might include follow-up visits to monitor healing and maintain oral health.
  • Our goal is to provide immediate emergency care while also promoting long-term oral health practices. This includes tips for maintaining strong teeth and achieving beautiful smiles.

Post-emergency care:

  • The continuity of care is vital for us. We’ll arrange follow-up appointments to keep your oral health on track.
  • Preventive care advice will be given to help you avoid future emergencies and maintain an ideal smile.

Our dental practice offers same-day emergency appointments so you can receive necessary care promptly. We provide complete oral care, from emergencies to long-term planning, to keep your smile bright.

Our clinic is dedicated to making dental care accessible and manageable for every patient, acknowledging that flexibility in payment options is essential.

  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS):
    programme supports eligible families by covering essential dental services for children. It’s a helpful way to manage the cost of basic dental care for young ones.
  • DVA Card Holders:
    Veterans holding a DVA card can access specific dental treatments covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This assistance is invaluable for easing the financial aspects of dental care.
  • HBF Preferred Provider:
    As a provider associated with HBF, we enable members to claim benefits directly. This significantly reduces the out-of-pocket expenses for receiving high-quality dental services at our
  • Fund My Dental:
    Understanding the importance of immediate dental care, Fund My Dental offers payment plans. These plans allow our patients to receive the care they need now while managing payments over time.
  • SuperCare assistance:
    For those
    who need more extensive dental procedures, SuperCare offers an innovative answer. It helps individuals access their superannuation funds to cover the costs of significant dental work.

Our dental clinic offers flexible payment options and prioritises high-quality patient care. Visit us and let us help you gain access to the dental care treatment you need.

Yes, our clinic provides a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures designed to enhance your smile.

  • Teeth whitening:
    We offer professional teeth whitening services, including in-clinic treatments for immediate results and take-home whitening kits for convenience.
  • Porcelain veneers:
    Custom-made porcelain veneers are available to transform the appearance of your teeth, providing a durable and aesthetic treatment.
  • Dental bonding:
    This is a quick and effective way to address minor imperfections using a tooth-coloured composite resin.
  • Dental contouring:
    This technique reshapes the teeth to improve their appearance, addressing minor overcrowding or uneven teeth.
  • Smile makeovers:
    Tailored smile makeovers combine multiple treatments designed to completely transform your smile based on your personal goals.
  • Digital Smile Design:
    We use digital smile design technology to plan and preview your treatment, aiming for
    your smile satisfaction.

Our experienced team is committed to delivering patient-centred dental care tailored to your unique needs and desires.

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