Comprehensive Dental Services for DVA Card Holders

Veterans enjoy dedicated dental care, from essential check-ups to complex treatments, directly supported by DVA card benefits at our clinic.

Exclusive Advantages

The Benefits DVA Card Holders Enjoy in Dental Treatments

DVA card holders access extensive dental benefits, facilitating comprehensive oral health care without financial burden. Benefits encompass essential services like check-ups, cleanings, and X-rays, supporting preventive care. Additionally, more complex treatments, including root canals, crowns, and dentures, are covered, addressing a broad spectrum of dental needs.

The advantage includes simplified administrative processes, with direct billing and no out-of-pocket costs for eligible services. This ease of access promotes regular dental visits, which are vital for the early detection and treatment of potential dental issues. By promoting timely, effective care, these privileges help veterans maintain optimal oral health, boosting their overall well-being.

Process Guide

Learn How The DVA Card Works at Our Clinic

Using your DVA card begins with presenting it at the clinic’s reception during your appointment. This allows us to verify your eligibility and cover for the dental services you’re seeking. We then discuss the treatments covered under your DVA benefits. For each eligible service, we directly bill DVA, simplifying the process for you.

Our team is trained to handle all administrative aspects of DVA claims, from processing to submission. If additional treatments are needed beyond DVA cover, we provide clear, upfront information about any potential costs. Our goal is to provide veterans with the comprehensive dental care they deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DVA Card Holders FAQs

Eligibility for the DVA Card Holders payment option is determined by specific criteria set by the Department of Veterans Affairs. These criteria include:

  1. Service eligibility:
    Veterans must have served in the Australian Defence Force or allied forces, with eligibility details outlined by DVA.
  2. Card type:
    There are different types of DVA cards (Gold, White, Orange), each offering varying levels of dental service cover.
  3. Health condition:
    The condition requiring dental treatment must be related to or accepted as service-related by DVA for White and Orange cardholders.
  4. Residency status:
    Veterans must be Australian residents and meet the residency requirements set by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Understanding these eligibility criteria is crucial for accessing dental services under the DVA Card Holders payment option. Willeri Dental Parkwood is equipped to assist veterans in navigating these requirements so they receive the dental care they need.

Dental services covered under the DVA Card Holders option, specifically for those with a gold or white card, offer comprehensive care. Orange Card holders do not have access to these dental benefits. The services that aim to maintain and improve oral health include:

  1. Regular check-ups and cleaning:
    • Vital for detecting dental issues early and maintaining oral hygiene.
    • Includes professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar build-up.
  2. Prevention of tooth decay:
    • Strategies include fluoride treatments and educational advice on effective oral hygiene practices.
  3. Treatments for cavities:
    • Restorative procedures such as fillings to restore tooth decay damage.
    • Crowns may be used for more significant decay or to strengthen teeth.
  4. Dentures:
    • Provision of new dentures for proper fit and function.
    • Realignment every two years to adjust for changes in the mouth’s structure.
    • Replacement every six years, or sooner if clinically advised, to maintain oral health and denture integrity.
  5. Treatments for dental injuries or conditions:
    • Addressing dental issues resulting from service-related injuries for White Card holders.
    • Comprehensive care for Gold Card holders, covering a wide range of dental needs.

While most dental treatments under these cards do not incur out-of-pocket expenses, there is an Annual Monetary Limit (AML) of $2,709.70. This applies to certain high-cost items like bridges and crowns.

We are committed to supporting veterans in accessing their entitled dental benefits, offering tailored care to meet their specific needs. We encourage veterans to reach out for assistance in understanding their cover or to schedule dental services.

Normally, DVA cardholders do not have to handle any out-of-pocket costs for dental services covered under their entitlements. However, there are specific circumstances where out-of-pocket expenses may arise:

  1. Annual Monetary Limit (AML):
    • An AML of $2,709.70 applies to high-cost items like some bridges and crowns per calendar year.
    • If treatment costs exceed this limit, the cardholder may need to contribute towards the additional expense.
  2. Exemptions from the AML:
    • Ex-prisoners of war (POWs)
    • Treatments for accepted service-related injuries or conditions are exempt, incurring no out-of-pocket costs.
    • Treatments for malignant cancer affecting the teeth or jaw also do not require co-payments, regardless of cost.

Understanding these exceptions helps DVA cardholders anticipate any potential costs. Willeri Dental Parkwood is dedicated to providing clear communication about any expected out-of-pocket expenses so veterans are fully informed about their dental care.

Yes, DVA cardholders can combine their benefits with other payment methods under certain conditions. This flexibility allows for:

  • Covering excess costs:
    When dental services exceed the Annual Monetary Limit (AML), patients can use other health funds or out-of-pocket payment methods.
  • Non-covered services:
    For dental treatments not covered by DVA benefits, other payment methods can be utilised to cover the full cost.

This approach allows the veterans to receive all necessary dental treatments without financial barriers. Our clinic supports DVA cardholders in understanding how to use their benefits alongside other payment options effectively.

DVA Card holders are entitled to use their dental benefits as needed, following specific guidelines for service frequency:

  • Regular dental check-ups are recommended every six months to maintain oral health. Should a patient require more frequent visits, the dentist must seek prior approval from DVA.
  • In cases where dentures are lost or damaged, DVA may cover the cost of replacements. Patients need to provide a detailed explanation via a signed declaration to their dental provider for processing.


  • Exceeding the AML within a calendar year might necessitate co-payments, except for specific exemptions mentioned in the previous question.
  • Some treatments may require pre-approval from DVA to confirm they are necessary and related to service injuries.

Our clinic is dedicated to supporting veterans in maximising their dental benefits under the DVA Card scheme. Veterans or their families are encouraged to get in touch with us for assistance in understanding and accessing their dental benefits.

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