Fund My Dental, Your Financial Dental Partner

Receive affordable dental care through Fund My Dental, offering flexible payment plans. Secure essential treatments today for a healthier tomorrow.

Key Advantages

Explore the Key Benefits of Using Fund My Dental

Fund My Dental simplifies accessing essential dental care by offering flexible payment plans for different financial situations. By spreading the cost over time, patients can receive immediate treatment without the stress of upfront payments. This approach allows dental health never to be compromised over financial constraints, promoting long-term oral health and well-being.

Our program stands out by providing clear, manageable repayment options without hidden fees, fostering trust and transparency. Patients benefit from our straightforward application process, designed for ease and efficiency. Choosing Fund My Dental means investing in your dental health today with the confidence of financial flexibility for tomorrow.

Streamlined Transactions

Fund My Dental Works to Simplify Your Dental Payments

This financing option streamlines dental payments, directly integrating with our clinic’s billing for effortless transactions. Patients easily select payment plans online, matching treatments with financial comfort. This eliminates paperwork, expediting access to necessary dental care. Additionally, our real-time balance updates and schedule reminders enhance transparency, keeping patients informed.

Our team assists in navigating Fund My Dental for a smooth setup. Personalised support tailors payment options to individual needs for financing planning. This approach eliminates any confusion, making dental care payments straightforward and hassle-free. By choosing Fund My Dental, patients gain access to a user-friendly platform that simplifies managing dental expenses.

Where Comfort Meets Care

Why Choose
Willeri Dental Parkwood

Our goal is to provide a high level of patient satisfaction by combining comfort with quality dental care. Discover why patients trust us for their oral health needs.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

We strive to create a comfortable and relaxing environment in our dental clinic while upholding high standards of care. Enjoy a stress-free experience where your dental health is prioritised.

We Provide Patient-centred Care

We prioritise our patients' needs. We listen to their concerns and present available treatment options they can choose from.

We Are Equipped With Advanced Dental Technology

Our team is committed to staying up-to-date on advancements in dental technology. This dedication allows us to offer innovative and comprehensive treatment options to improve patient care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fund My Dental FAQs

Signing up for Fund My Dental is streamlined to help you access dental care quickly and without hassle. Here’s the process:

  • Locate a Willeri Dental Parkwood dentist:
    Start by finding Willeri Dental Parkwood on the Fund My Dental website here. Our clinic partners with Fund My Dental to offer flexible financial options tailored to your needs.
  • Select your payment plan:
    Choose between the $39 or $79 payment plan based on your treatment requirements. Input your direct debit details for immediate confirmation, simplifying the financial planning for your dental care.
  • Start your dental treatment:
    With your payment plan confirmed, you’re ready to begin treatment. This efficient process is designed to minimise financial hassle, allowing you to focus on achieving optimal dental health.

Opting for Fund My Dental through Willeri Dental Parkwood means choosing a straightforward, interest-free approach to managing dental expenses. Our dedicated team is here to help you receive the care you need with the financial flexibility you deserve.

Yes, Fund My Dental is available to both new and existing patients at Willeri Dental Parkwood. This inclusivity allows anyone seeking dental treatments to access flexible financing options, regardless of their current patient status. By offering this program, we aim to remove financial barriers to dental health, making essential care more accessible. New patients can easily sign up as part of their onboarding process, while existing patients may inquire during their next visit.

Fund My Dental offers a transparent fee structure and no interest charges.

Here’s what you need to know about the only fees charged:

  1. Establishment fee: A one-time charge for setting up your Fund My Dental account.
    • Opt for a $39 establishment fee for access to dental treatments valued at up to $1000.
    • For more extensive dental work up to $2000, a $129 establishment fee applies.
  2. Weekly account-keeping fee: A consistent fee of $2.50 is charged weekly to manage your account.
  3. Late or missed payment fee: Should a payment be delayed or missed, a $29 fee is incurred.

Our goal at Fund My Dental is to remove financial barriers to dental health. With transparent pricing and no hidden interest, managing your dental care expenses becomes more manageable.

Repayment with Fund My Dental is designed to be flexible and user-friendly, helping you manage your dental care costs effectively.

  1. Initial setup:
    Once you’ve selected your treatment plan and the corresponding establishment fee, your direct debit details are set up for automatic weekly payments.
  2. Weekly payments:
    A fixed amount, based on your chosen plan, is debited from your account weekly, covering both the treatment cost and a small account-keeping fee.
  3. Customer portal access:
    Log into the customer portal to track and manage your payments in detail. You can view upcoming payments, balances, and transaction history.
  4. Additional payments:
    Fund My Dental encourages members to make extra payments or settle their accounts early if financially possible, facilitating quicker repayment without penalties.

Navigating your repayment plan through Fund My Dental offers a straightforward path to managing dental expenses. Fund My Dental’s customer portal provides complete control over your payments for transparency and ease.

Approval is normally granted instantly upon completing the online application, providing swift access to dental care. This is received after patients choose their payment plan and enter their direct debit details. The system’s automatic review of eligibility criteria means you can begin planning for your dental treatments right away. You just need to wait for an email confirmation detailing your approval status and next steps.
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